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Policies and Helpful Information



All registrations require a 30% deposit which will be forfeited if a registration is canceled. For fully paid registrations, the cancelation fee is 30%. There are no refunds after the semester has begun.

Ohana Music Together reserves the right to cancel, and/or combine, any class with insufficient enrollment. All efforts will be made to provide families with alternative classes.  If a suitable option is not found, families in cancelled classes will receive a full refund (if a family already received and opened their materials, the cost will be deducted from their refund).

Ohana Music Together also reserves the right to substitute a different teacher than the teacher originally listed on the website for whatever reason deemed necessary by Ohana Music Together.


We offer installment plans. This allows you to make three smaller payments on your account. However, when you sign up for an installment plan, you are signing a contract with us. We contract with you to provide the classes you are registering for and you contract with us that you will pay the full tuition. If you miss classes for whatever reason, you will still be charged the full amount that you contracted to pay because we have fulfilled our part of the contract by providing the classes regardless of whether or not you attended. 


All makeups must be scheduled through the makeup scheduler on our website. No walk-in makeups will be accepted. Each family may make up three missed classes per semester, either ahead of a planned absence such as a trip, or after an unplanned absence such as an illness.  Make-ups are a courtesy...the spaces we have are limited and we can’t guarantee make-ups for everyone who misses a class. If you schedule a make-up and miss it without canceling, it's forfeited.  Make-ups must be used during the current semester and may not be ‘rolled over’. We feel that being able to makeup 30% of your classes is a generous policy…please do not ask for extra makeups.


Please do not bring a sick child to class. Use your make-ups so that children, parents and teachers may maintain optimum health. Your fellow parents will appreciate your decision to keep your child at home.  If you (the adult) are sick, please make use of the wipes and/or sanitizing gel during class. In cases where anyone at home has pinkeye or hand, foot and mouth disease, please do not come to class. 


Please turn off and put away cell phones, cameras and electronic gadgets once inside the classroom.  Imagine your child looking to you for reinforcement or interaction and you are looking at an electronic screen rather than engaging with them.  You are welcome to take photos before or after class, just not during class. The final class of the semester, you may take photographs, but please still use the time to mainly interact with your child rather than the phone/camera.


Please keep conversation to a minimum during class. Your child learns how to behave in a classroom directly from how you behave in the classroom.   If you are busy conversing with a neighbor and not enthusiastically participating in the class, your child learns that talking and inattention to the teacher is appropriate classroom behavior.  We love that our classes help people make connections with other mothers and fathers and we encourage you to do that before and after class. 


Food and drink is prohibited in the classroom.  We want to keep the classroom clean, but also other children will gravitate to your child's snack which creates problems. Please also leave toys outside in the car or at least outside the classroom area.  A toy brought into the class creates tension between the other children who want to play with it and your child who wants to keep it, thereby disrupting the class. 


The adult attending class with a child is responsible for that child’s behavior. Although we accept age-appropriate kinetic behavior, a child’s motor control isn’t well-developed enough to avoid collisions when running and it often leads to injury of the child him/herself or another child. Your teacher will ask that a child engaging in running or other wild physical movement be taken out of the room to be calmed down. If a situation becomes chronic and disruptive it will be referred by your teacher to the director for resolution.


Always contact the director for permission to bring an extra child, or any more than one extra adult (e.g. grandparent). The classroom experience can be easily spoiled by overcrowding, so we have policies governing visitors.  Thank you for understanding the need for these policies and for your compliance.

Infant Siblings:  (under eight months ) always attend free with a registered sibling.  

Older Siblings:  Each visit must be cleared with the director. An older sibling may attend one class per semester free of charge (due to school holiday, etc.). There is a $15 charge per class for subsequent visits (providing that the director has okayed the visit).

Local Friends:  If you have a friend from Oahu (with an age-appropriate child) whom you would like to introduce to Ohana Music Together, ask them to register on our website for their free preview. 

Out of Town Friends:  If you have a friend or relative from out of town (with an age-appropriate child) whom you would like to come to class with you, please call the director.  Either you or the visitor can pay the $15 guest fee as long as there is space available.

Occasional leniency with this policy in an under-enrolled class does not imply that the policy does not continue to be in general effect.  Only the director may make these determinations.



Policy:  We are delighted that so many of our families recommend our program to their friends and we reward referrals.  For each friend you refer, you get $10 off a subsequent semester.  There are a few conditions, so please see the instructions for how to receive your referral discounts.

Instructions: When you refer a friend, ask them to tell us that they heard about us from you (there is a field for this on the registration form).  It helps if you also inform the director that same semester so that she can make a note on your record.  If your friend attends the semester, then you are eligible for your discount the following semester.  Before you register for the next semester, call the director who will give you a code to get your discount as you register.  Please don’t register first and then ask for a $10 refund.